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About us

Welcome to LIFE…

LIFE is an acronym, which stands for Leading Individuals Faithfully Everyday.

LIFE is comprised of a team of focused and determined members, who are dedicated to educating and uplifting individuals to become socially and economically responsible in their personal lives as well as in their immediate communities. We intend to do this through civic engagement opportunities, such as:

*Self-help workshops. Ex: Small Business start-ups, Relationship retention (social and personal), Financial and money matters

*Mentoring, job readiness programs, interviewing techniques

*Identifying strengths and weaknesses within our culture and the importance of sharing resources

Although, LIFE is not a faith-based entity we have faith in the human spirit and we believe that people have the power to lead, inspire and make great things happen. Whether it’s leading in his or her communities, businesses, or within their own households; everyone has within them a special gift to be shared with humanity.

LIFE Branded Apparel, Lady LIFE, and LIFE Branded Apparels’ Future Brand (children’s line) are all designed to educate and uplift the person whose wearing it, all while maintaining their cultural swag.

Your support will not be in vain.

Peace, love and LIFE!

Michael L. Scott/CEO